Privacy Policy

It is one of our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data you provide to us. Please read this policy to learn about our Privacy Practices. By visiting this website, you are accepting the practices described herein.

1. Introduction

Orthodoxou Group of Companies Ltd (hereafter "Our Group" or "We" or "Us") expresses its satisfaction for the trust that you are showing us and welcomes your interest in us and our services.

Security, privacy of your personal data and also the protection of your privacy are a high priority for us. We would like to thanking you in advance for the time you will spend to read our Group's policy in order to learn about the processing of your personal data.

This Privacy Policy will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about which personal information we may collect from you, why it will be used, with whom we may share it, and which security procedures we have applied for the protection of your personal data.

The processing of your personal data collected by our Group of Companies is confidential and in accordance with the relevant legislation.

2. Definition of Personal Data

Personal data means information that can be linked to a particular person -a natural person- and contribute to its identification such as name, surname, address, age, identity card number, telephone number, social security number, your email address, your transactions with us, your credit card details, etc.

3. Data Controller

These information are collected and controlled by the Orthodoxou Group of Companies, as the sole Data Controller, based in Cyprus, at United Nations 44, 6042, Larnaca.


Telephone: +35724841000

Fax:            +35724841005


4. Data Protection Officer 

The Orthodoxou Group of Companies for further security in the preservation and processing of your personal data, has appointed a Data Protection Officer to whom you can contact at any time for any matter arising out of your personal data.

The details of our Data Protection Officer are:

Name:                     Davinia Christodoulou

Τelephone:              +35724841152

Fax:                         +35724841005


5. Collection, processing, use and transfer of personal data

   5.1 Legal Basis and Consent Form 

We collect, process, use, and transmit your personal data only when there is a legal basis for it, under the relevant Legislation, or we have obtained your explicit consent (with the signing of this consent form at our offices).

We, our staff and our authorized partners, who are all under our control, we all processing your personal data for the following processing purposes:

- Execution and Management of any Contract and Service

(Legal basis: Implementation of the Contract – Fulfillment of our contractual and legal obligations)

- Execution and Management of Air and Travel reservations in Cyprus or abroad (ticket, transportation, accommodation)

(Legal basis: Implementation of the Contract - Fulfillment of our contractual and legal obligations)

- Charter airline flights and/or other related aircraft services

(Legal basis: Implementation of the Contract - Fulfillment of our contractual and legal obligations)

– Providing benefits and/or privileges

(Legal basis: Implementation of the Contract - Fulfillment of our contractual and legal obligations)

– Sending digital advertising messages regarding the promotion of our products and/or services

(Legal basis: Consent)

–  Sending email newsletters and/or offers

(Legal basis: Consent)

– Sending greeting e-mail and/or a postcard

(Legal basis: Consent)

– Statistical or research purposes

(Legal basis: Consent)

Note: If we use a market research institute for research, we will do this solely on our behalf and in accordance with our guidelines.

– Travel tips by email

(Legal basis: Consent)

– Preservation and defense of our rights

(Legal basis: Legitimate interest on our part in claiming and defending our rights).

   5.2 Children

For the processing of personal data of children under the age of 14 we take care to ensure the explicit consent of the person who has parental care of the child.

   5.3 Further data transfer

Α. Further data transfer to other data processors and/or controllers 

Your personal data will be transmitted by us to other processors who will be responsible employees and/or executives of our Group staff and/or our associates who are under our control and adhere to the principle of confidentiality. This transmission is only to the extent necessary for the performance of the contract, in which case we or the third party has a legitimate interest in the further transfer or your consent to that effect. For details on the legal basis, please see the section of legal basis and consent. Third parties may also be other Orthodoxou Group companies.

In addition, data may be transmitted to other controllers if we ought to be obliged to do so because of legal provisions or executive acts or judicial decisions.

Β. Service Providers (generally "Third Parties")

We may outsource certain services to third parties such as managing and completing certain contracts and / or bookings and / or flights, fulfilling requests for the organization of a trip, payment settlement, scheduling and open customer service. Such other third parties may be airlines or travel service providers, credit card business services, reservation systems and other global distribution systems and/or agents that will help find your job in other countries, individual and/or companies who will be your future employers or embassies and consulates of other countries. We have carefully selected these service providers and regularly monitor them, especially for the careful use and safeguarding of the data stored in them. All service providers are required by us to keep confidentiality and comply with legal requirements. Service providers may also be other companies of the Orthodoxou Group of Companies.

   5.4 Duration of storage of personal data

Our Group of Companies stores your data for a period of at least 2 years, as this is necessary to provide our services and ensure your proper service. If the law provides otherwise or we have a legitimate interest in further storage of your data, after the performance of a contract, then our Group should continue to store them in order to fulfill our legal obligations (e.g. contracts and tariffs due to of retention periods in accordance with tax and commercial law). In all other cases, we delete your personal information.

6. Privacy Policy about data that we receive electronically or through the Internet and our websites

The Group of Orthodoxou Companies also maintains, in addition to this written privacy policy, a policy of protection for personal data that we receive electronically or through the Internet and our websites. You can find this policy on the websites of our Group companies in "Privacy Policy " section.

7. Confidentiality - Security

Our Group of Companies and our Partners are required to respect the confidentiality of personal data information and to comply with the applicable laws on the protection of personal data.

We assure you that we try, by applying all necessary technical and organizational measures, to ensure an acceptable level of protection of the personal data we manage; especially when there are risks of accidental or unlawful destruction, manipulation, loss, alteration or unauthorized disclosure and/or access to data. We try to improve our security measures continuously depending on the evolution of the technology.

8. Customer Rights

To claim the rights listed below, use the information in section 10. Contact Us

  • Right to information:

You have the right to receive information from us -free of charge- regarding the processing of your personal data. To that end, you may invoke the right to be informed about your personal information that we are processing.

  • Right to correction and deletion: 

You can ask for incorrect data to be corrected and, if the legal requirements are met, your data are filled in or deleted.

In any case, this does not apply to data required for pricing and accounting purposes or subject to other legal retention requirements. Since access to such data is not necessary, their processing is limited (see below).

  • Limitation of processing:

You may ask from us, if the legal requirements are met, to restrict the processing of your personal data to the extent that you wish, provided this is also possible under the relevant legislation.

  • Objection against data processing:

In addition, you have the right at any time to refuse the processing of your personal data by us. Following this objection, we will stop processing your data, unless we can, in accordance with legal requirements, demonstrate compelling legitimate reasons for further processing that outweigh your rights.

  • Objection to data processing in the case of a legal basis of "legitimate interest": 

You have the right, at any time, to refuse the processing of your personal data by us, if it is based on a legal basis of legitimate interest. Following this objection, we will stop processing your data, unless we can - in accordance with legal requirements - demonstrate compelling legitimate reasons for further processing that outweigh your legitimate interest.

  • Withdrawal of consent: 

If you have given us your consent to the processing of your personal data, you can revoke it at any time (but only with effect for the future). The legality of processing your data until it is revoked is unaffected.

  • Data portability:

You further have the right the personal data that you have at our disposal, to receive them forwarded in a structured, common and mechanically readable form or, as far as is technically possible, to request the transfer of the data to a third party.

  • Right to appeal to the supervisory authority:

You have the right, for any complaint, to submit a direct appeal (request) to the Data Protection Authority. You can ask the Data Protection Commissioner responsible for the Member State where you have your place of residence.

9. Change of our Privacy Policy 

We reserve the right to change security and data protection measures to the extent necessary for technological development. In these cases, we will also adjust our privacy policy accordingly. Please be aware of the current version of our company's privacy policy.

10. Contact Us

You can contact us at the following address:

Street:                     44, United Nations, 6042, Larnaca.

Telephone:              +35724841000

Fax:                         +35724841005



In order to claim your rights in relation to events and/or requests and/or complaints concerning the processing of your personal data, you may contact our Group's Data Protection Officer in the contact details listed below:

Name:                      Davinia Christodoulou

Street:                      44, United Nations, 6042, Larnaca.

Telephone:               +35724841000

Fax:                          +35724841005